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   Technology Equipment Financing


For years, we've demonstrated the fact that equipment leasing and financing is the


preferred way to acquire needed technology and software/systems.

Technology Systems



We offer Developers, VARS and Equipment Sales Organizations, as well as purchasers of systems, unparalleled

support with our superior programs. Our Express Finance and Commercial Finance Programs can accommodate


most businesses' software and systems needs. We also offer competitive rates, flexible payment plans, swift credit

  decisions, easy upgrades and add-ons . . . benefits that we hope will keep you as our customer for the long haul.

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  Most importantly, we've built a reputation over the years for providing the attentive, personal service that makes for a
  positive as well as a profitable experience for those in the business of buying or selling technology products.

With our products, less up-front cash is required and monthly payments are considerably lower.

Lines of credit remain free to allow buyers to invest appropriately in systems and technological infrastructure.

Financing provides a predictable, fixed payment plan for meeting current and future needs.

For you, United Country Equipment Finance adds up to extra financial power.



United Country Real Estate is not a lender or leasing company. United Country partners with third party lenders and leasing
companies to provide competitive financing alternatives for our clients through these partnerships.
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