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   Construction Equipment Financing


Low monthly payments and minimal up-front costs are great incentives for equipment


leasing or financing rather than another method of equipment funding.

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Our equipment financing products help to preserve borrowing power for other opportunities. And unlike some

offerings, our Commercial Leasing and Financing Programs for amounts over $5,000 can be structured to fit virtually


every business need. Our Commercial Financing products provide financing for amounts in excess of $100,000 under

  very attractive terms. Features include:

Power & Communication

Business Equipment

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Seasonal Payment Structures

Credit up to $10,000,000 for construction equipment

Contractors Lease Plans

Competitive pricing

Deferred Payments

Flexibility in submission and funding

True Lease Offerings

Prompt, professional service for the life of your agreement

These products can help solve the most complicated acquisition problems with a variety of terms, payment plans, and

  end-of-term options. With all our products, we look at all the variables, and take into account not just financial
  statements, but the complete credit picture.

United Country Real Estate is not a lender or leasing company. United Country partners with third party lenders and leasing
companies to provide competitive financing alternatives for our clients through these partnerships.
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